About Us

Our mission is to Educate, Inform and Connect
students, investors and anyone interested in financial markets

For the experienced investor, we’re here to give you everything in one place- all the financial information and research you want, with the added experience of being able to discuss ideas with others as well as find out what people on the street are saying.

For the unfamiliar but interested, we’re here to help you get over your fears about investing. To remove the financial jargon. To help you understand and unlock the markets so you can invest with confidence.


  • Watch educational videos
  • Join groups related to a range of topics from personal finance to stock investing and many more
  • Learn from other people’s discussions
  • Follow and mimic seasoned traders
  • Practice your trades in a virtual trading platform


  • Read over 9,000 research reports on all major US companies
  • Find real time quotes and charts for every stock
  • Listen to Bloomberg radio
  • Access market news, data, and video


  • Have conversations in real time with your peers
  • Discuss the rationale behind market movements
  • Have information flow freely while eliminating the barriers that exist between the street and general public
  • Follow the companies you trade, view analyst reports, watch videos, read news articles and more